The e-commerce company was launched by Harald Seiz in 2011 and revolutionized the concept of selling gold in very small amounts,- which for the first time allows the little guy to buy gold in small affordable increments.

The idea behind Karatbars is to get people to save small quantities of investment grade gold on a regular basis.

The difference between paper currencies and Cash Gold is that Cash Gold contains a small quantity 999.9% pure 24 karat gold bullion.

Karatbars is company that sells real gold, pressed and sealed in little plastic credit cards.


Weight amounts 1 gram, up to 5 grams

That product model was adopted for a few years until they progressed to embedding even smaller and even more affordable gold amounts into cash notes as seen below - thus evolving to a digitizing  gold system through the karatpay system.

Weight amounts from 0.1gram up to 0.6 gram

The rapid growth of Karatbars has been nothing short of dizzing,- that even active Affiliates find it hard to keep up with developments.


With the ever increasing products and services that has been introduced into the karatbars eco-system over a short few years.


Karatbars International provides its customers a remarkable opportunity to achieve financial independence and security via a well-structured, lucrative affiliate program.


Upon signing up with Karatbars International, members can utilize a wide variety of marketing tools to make their promotional efforts both easy and highly effective.


If you are serious about saving for the future, do not hesitate to join our team.

Select either "Become an Affiliate" or "Become a Customer" depending on if you'd rather simply buy products or sell them.

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Gold Debit Mastercard

Gold Credit Card (Coming Soon)

Karatbank  (Coming Soon)