What is Karatbars international

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Karatbars International is a global e-commerce business operation in the mining and metals industry. Main product being gold, the e-commerce company was launched by Harald Seiz in 2011 and specializes in the selling of gold, but also using gold as a global currency through means of merchant POS Terminals.

The company also plans to distribute 1 million atm's across the globe to facilitate the drawing of cash gold. ie Money notes with embedded gold chips ranging from 0.01 gram up 1 gram.

The technologies that are being implemented is most impressive, they have launched the worlds first phone that operates on the crypto blockchain and includes the ability to call via sattelite totally encrypted. the catch phrase literally is the phone becomes the bank.

Their main marketing strategy is through the means of affiliates across a network globally.

The financially secure, debt-free, and fully self-funded company's headquarters are located in Stuttgart, Germany. The company has another office in Munich, Germany. Karatbars International has spread across 70 countries with plans to expand into over 194 countries worldwide.

Karatbars claims it has a logical, affordable and universal solution to the world's debt and currency crisis through the purchase of its gold bars.

To join Karatbars International as an affiliate or simply become a customer, follow this simple six-step process:

Proceed to the Karatbars International website. Select either "Become an Affiliate" or "Become a Customer" depending on if you'd rather simply buy products or sell them.Create a username, password, and enter your email.Fill out your account information.Fill out your personal details.Confirm details.

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