Crypto Signals

Signals to fit your lifestyle, whether you want to check your trades once per day or EVERY HOUR! We have you covered.

All that is required to trade using these signals is some bitcoin and an account with any cryptocurrency exchange.

BUY = BUY this currency RIGHT NOW with the fraction of your trading account you have designated for this coin.

HODL = Now wait... HODL this coin as the price continues to rise.

SELL = SELL SELL SELL! What ever you have, profit or loss dump this coin RIGHT NOW!

WAIT OUT = Wait as the price continues to fall for a good entry to buy back into the market.

Free to use Crypto Signals all you need is a free account

For Advanced Crypto Signals a paid account is available


Gold Debit Mastercard

Gold Credit Card (Coming Soon)

Karatbank  (Coming Soon)