Buy And Sell Gold Using K-Exchange For Shops And Retailers

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Opportunity for ANY merchant to make more profits with their current customers

Become a K-Exchange Center

  • Benefit from our Affiliates and Customers worldwide

  • Accept Karatbars Gold & Make more profit

  • Use our Gold Bonus cards (loyalty cards) for your customers

  • Join our community & Make more business

  • Improve Your Bottom Line

The K-Exchange Centers consist of shops, small business owners, corporations, and professionals accepting gold currency. Where any client and customer can choose to exchange their paper fiat currency into real gold money.

Karatbars is currently working on a new ground breaking system which will allow gold transactions to be performed between our clients & Karatbars K-Exchange Centers, all from within the client’s online Karatbar savings account. It’s a revolutionary way to exchange Karatbars gold bullion for goods and services or gift other Karatbar account holders.

Giving ANY company the golden opportunity to becoming part of the K-Exchange Centers network and acccepts Karatbars Gold in different ways.

In every K-Exchange Centers, people have the possibility to exchange their paper money into Karatbars Gold and of course from Karatbars Gold back into paper money. If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner, you can register and join the K-Exchange Centers network AT NO COST, allowing you to join a worldwide movement and benefit from current international affiliates and growing number of partners.

Exchange Gold cards into Cash

A single Karatbars account gives access to ALL K-Exchange centers. People can go at ANY store accepting the Karatbars and exchange gold for cash regardless of which K-Exchange Center they obtained them from.

Karatbars honor the daily sell price which people paid for the gold as a K-Exchange Center. Karatbars also pay an additional 2% over this amount as set forth in the K-Exchange Agreement.

Note that daily gold price is always displayed in your dashboard, you can see at any time : the Sales Price, the Buy Back price and the Preferred Price.

Why become a K-Exchange Center

The reasons why businesses, professionals and companies are joining Karatbars International are varied, but all are united by the great advantage of being a K-Exchange Center. The clients may pay for purchases with their own gold, with gold having saved Karatbars as either in a physical or virtual trade commerce (e-commerce), as they currently do with other systems electronic payment as Paypal, i-payout, Paiza, Bitcoin.

This can be done because Karatbars is working on a new system that will allow transferring gold between savings accounts. It’s a great way to change the gold for goods and services, a form gold back to its natural way to be currency. (*it’s also a GREAT way to introduce Karatbars to any clientele)

*Note that you must have a registered business with a physical address (store or office) All there is to do is upload your business registration document in order to verify the validity of your business. Please, understand that when you become a K-Exchange Center merchant, Karatbars International customers and affiliates will find you through the K-Exchange Center Website, on the internet.

Karatbars K-Exchange Centers are going to become the cornerstone of Karatbars International in the coming years. They will represent the main hub of Karatbars because of the constant motion of gold transfers and exchanges by our clients and affiliates.

Sell Karatbars within ANY store

It is strongly suggested and you are more than welcome to sell gold cards from your inventory. A best practice consists of placing a Karatbars visual close to the cash machine. Because you’ll want all the customers of your store to see the Karatbars by themselves, as it’s also a great way to recruit new people in your team.

Note that Karatbars have more to offer than the gold cards with products such as: Phones, Laptops etc, champagne, watches, perfume and advertising material.

Some advantages of being a K-Exchange Center

  1. The entrepreneur is protecting its profits from inflation and currency devaluation.

  2. The establishment will be associated with one of the largest and most prestigious companies in Europe in the gold sector.

  3. The establishment will benefit from the power of networks with direct selling’s as a perfect synergy between Network Marketing and Traditional Trade due the K-Exchange Centers (traditional trade).The perfect formula of coexistence between tradition and evolution.

  4. The entrepreneur may add a new product line, gold, without the need to invest or store.

  5. The entrepreneur may buy wholesale Karatbars gold bullion from clients and sell retail.

  6. The establishment will increase customer loyalty by giving gold, without having to decimate the commercial margin of core products by creating trade deals.

  7. The establishment will be advertised around the world throughout the K -Exchange directory of Karatbars.

  8. The establishment can advertise and sell their own products through the network of customers and distributors of Karatbars International.

  9. The establishment gains new clients through the Karatbars network of customers and affiliates worldwide both locally and through E-commerce.

  10. The business owner will gain loyalty by implementing the usage of Karatbars Gold Bonus Cards. The Karatbars Gold Bonus Cards are available for the K Exchange centers are 5, 10, 25, 50 € /euros and 3% discount cards. The 3% discount card is applied to all purchases of gold through Karatbars International for an entire year.

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