Atm Machines For Sale - Karatbars CEM ATM

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Opportunity for ANY merchant to make more profits with their existing customers and new foot traffic in their store

Advantages Having a Atm in your Business

If you own a restaurant, bar, retail business, hotel, or gas station and don’t have an ATM you’re missing out on easy income and other benefits. Owning and operating an ATM machine is easier than operating your merchant account (for debit and credit card processing), and less complicated than using your photocopier or cash register.

Get An Additional Income Stream

A smart business owner is always looking for ways to increase profits while enhancing services offered to customers. Invest in an Evolution Karatbars CEM ATM and you immediately create an additional income stream for you and add service and value for your customers.

An ATM Will Increase Your Revenues

More Traffic, More Sales, More Revenue

Having an ATM in your business or store will attract more people to your establishment.  

It’s simple. Install an ATM and get more traffic, more sales, more revenue than ever before.

Retail studies have found that having an ATM at your business location can increase the footfall or traffic into your business. Even more importantly for you,  research has also found that having an ATM can increase sales at your business by as much as 50%

Note! Presale, estimated delivery date October 2019!

This is our state-of-the-art CEM (CashGold Exchange Machine) with CashGold payout.

This offer includes VIP Status.

Our CEM offers 3 main features:

- You can cash out your CashGold from your Karatbit account.

- You can exchange your KBC into gold. 100KBC = 1 gram of gold

- You can directly buy CashGold with BTC or ETH.

For tech specs please check out the picture ABOVE.

Important: If you want to cash out physical CashGold, you have to pay production costs. 0.1g CashGold = € 0.96 in KBC Coins

CEM are exclusively for entrepreneurs and shopkeepers. Certificate of registration is necessary.

This CEM can only pay out CashGold.

Choose your Bundle:

Retails for 12,900.00 €

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Become an an affiliate with benefits

Gold Debit Mastercard

Gold Credit Card (Coming Soon)

Karatbank  (Coming Soon)