The Karatbars PrePaid MasterCard can be used worldwide online at over 32 million locations, wherever MasterCard is accepted. This card is available in EURO and USD and withdrawals can be made at 1.5 million ATM's across the globe.

When you earn commissions in Karatbars, your earnings will automatically be transferred to your Karatbars Mastercard.  Earnings that are paid weekly are transferred to your Mastercard on Fridays, the Friday following the close of the previous week (there is a week's lag time).

Benefits of the Karatbars Prepaid MasterCard

  • The card is not linked to your bank account - your bank details remain secure

  • Safe shopping online or in stores worldwide

  • On-time commission payment on your card

  • An easy discreet way to exchange crypto or any currency to gold; - then when cash is needed,- sell any amount of gold you choose and use card to access cash

  • A convenient way to receive and move money

  • Easy payment with the card for your gold purchases and other Karatbars products

  • You can now use that Gold Debit Card anonymously anywhere in the world

  • Sell some gold and transfer funds to your prepaid mastercard instead of your bank

  • The Euro then lies on your own anonymous private Debit Card backed by MasterCard.

  • Load your card in a few simple steps

  • Safer than cash when traveling

  • Easy management of your money

  • Manage your account online

  • Approval regardless your credit status

How to order your Karatbars Gold Debit Mastercard

Explainer VIDEO


  • Step 1a: Click on ORANGE button above

  • Step 1b: Complete information

  • Step 1c: Click "Become Affiliate"

  • Step 1d: Buy a minimum of a Bronze Package.

  • This gives you the legal right to buy Gold and open an account.

  • Do not sign up as Customer because you cannot order a Gold Debit Card Mastercard as a customer - only Affiliates can

  • ​Your package will be sent to you via Fedex.


Step 2: Upload your KYC documents and get verified


Step 3: Once verified order your Gold Debit Card

You are now ready to buy gold with Bitcoin

Karatbars Prepaid Mastercard Activation

Once the card is received, you must log into the back office, choose “Card Login” within the Commission section and type in the last 6 digits of the credit card number. (You do not log in to PFS.) You may try to enter the digits 3 times and if the numbers to do not match the numbers in our system, the card will be blocked until validated by our staff. In this case, you are advised to send an e-mail to for staff review. (This email is ONLY for blocked card review and not for PFS card services.)

With a successful match, you will receive any pending commission due on the FIRST Friday following back office activation, meaning the previous security time buffer of 2 weeks before the first commission payout no longer applies.

Please note: No money will be transferred to the card until it is activated via the Karatbars back office. You must still activate your card with PFS and receive your PIN number from the telephone service.

Activation Explainer VIDEO

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