Hi my name is Brian Williams and my lovely wife Roslyn Williams on the right.

I have been self-employed making my income, - working online for over a decade now. My main focus was local business consulting and helping companies and professionals with all their Digital Internet marketing needs,- from web design to social media to paid advertising etc,- my company “Social Fundi” became a full-service online marketing company.

The freedom of being self employed and being my own boss is why I Started my company in the first place. The unfortunate reality is when you run a Digital marketing company you go from having no boss to having multiple bosses. 


Needless to say the concept “freedom of being self employed” became an oxymoron.

There just had to be a better way!

I Joined Karatbars International The Last Week In October 2018

A fellow colleague sent me a video describing in some detail Karatbars International and I found it very intriguing.

I decided then and there, that this was worth some research and proper due diligence, as I would naturaly expect all of you to do.


I Googled Karatbars to see what others had to say about the company and marketing plan.

As expected many of the post and articles that appeared in my searches were things “Google” pulled from the company website and related publications.


Doing my due diligence and sifting through the facts and the hate, all the boxes were ticked for me to make my decision and embrace this amazing opportunity.


I was not going to let this one slip through the cracks,-- the facts was just to obvious. I was impressed right off the bat with the amount of information that came up about a company, - I had never even heard of (and I work online).

The majority however came from customers and affiliates that had nothing but praise for the CEO and founder “Senator Harold Seiz” thanking him for his vision in creating such an incredible concept and making it possible for them to realize their dreams.

And I also found it very impressive that Karatbars International was in business since 2011 with over 600,000 accounts! Worldwide and the enormous strides and leaps of growth was a complete mind spin.


Remember the Bitcoin Train most people missed,- Well a train has just arrived again and its called Karatbars...!


"I was not going to make the mistake,- like Laszio Hanyecz who agreed to pay 10 000 Bitcoins for two Papa John's pizzas!"

This opportunity was just to golden,- Just a word of caution though,- the generous offers by this company is not going last for ever.


People will be to happy to join for much less, - when this company becomes a household name.


This business is a true Disruptor on every level,


  • From the small guy who can now buy gold in small increments and protect the value of their depreciating currencies.


  • To people like myself who loves and literally "studies" Cryptocurrency. 


  • To Merchants who need POS Payment Systems online and offline. 


  • People into Smart phone & laptop, - technology that's by the way going to lead and benchmark the way for all others!


  • This is also the first company to distribute ATM machines to facilitate Crypto and Gold transactions,- while others are just talking about it,-- like its a good idea, - Karatbars International is DOING IT NOW!

  • The first business concept of its kind to have a fully licensed bank and to be listed on Stock Exchanges Globally,- Nuff Said...!



Karatbars also has some great motivational incentive programs that really “Rock”.


With all that said...

I consider myself a team leader and I am willing to help anyone willing to put in the effort to become successful.

Karatbars is absolutely a great company to achieve success with.


See you on the other side


Brian Williams


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